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Welcome, Masters and Mistresses, to $DOBBY's World

Dobby welcomes kind humans to the magical world of meme-inspired cryptocurrency, named after Dobby, the beloved house-elf from the Harry Potter series. Dobby's mission is to create a decentralized currency that represents freedom and financial empowerment for all, just like how Dobby gained his freedom.

Join $DOBBY's community today and be part of a movement that's more than just a cryptocurrency; it's a journey towards financial freedom and independence, with a touch of Dobby's magic.

Contract Address: 0x088bb4fc74B1749bC9120d9957c1a0a42a463a73


Meet Dobby's Good Friends Behind $DOBBY Coin!

We at $DOBBY is a group of kind friends, humans and house-elves, who believes in magic of financial freedom for all. Just like Dobby, we is loyal and passionate about crypto-magic and its power to make a fairer and decentralized financial world.

Dobby's friends come from many different places and jobs, but all share same dream – to create a crypto coin that feels like freedom and friendship, just like Dobby's journey in Wizarding World.

Dobby knows crypto world can be as mysterious as the Chamber of Secrets. But don't worry, $DOBBY is here to help all friends, no matter where they come from or how much they know.

Friends, come, join Dobby and friends on this magical journey of financial freedom with $DOBBY coin.

Just a little note, friends should remember.

Dobby is free, and anyone can use Dobby's image. Dobby and his likeness belong to the world, in all places. $DOBBY coin is just Dobby's way of saying hello to the world. Dobby doesn't have any ties with big, stuffy corporations. $DOBBY is a fun coin with no promise of shiny Galleons or Sickles. It's just for laughs, smiles, and having a bit of fun. There's no fancy team or grand plan. So remember, friends, $DOBBY coin is for fun, not for filling up Gringotts!



Phase 1

Dobby's Mysterious Debut (Q2 2023)

Dobby has big secret! Dobby is bringing $DOBBY coin to special secret places - exchanges! Dobby will be making friends on social media and with big influencers to tell everyone about $DOBBY coin!

Phase 2

Dobby's Playtime (Q3 2023)

Dobby invites friends to join in fun and games, make magical memes, and earn $DOBBY rewards! Dobby promises it will be a magical time!

Phase 3

Dobby's Box of Treasures (Q4 2023)

Dobby found a treasure chest! It's filled with $DOBBY NFTs and magical things for friends! And Dobby's giving away some of his treasures, too!

Phase 4

Dobby's Surprise Adventure" (Beyond 2023)

Dobby's adventure is always full of surprises! Dobby might not know what will come next, but Dobby knows it will be fun, exciting, and full of magic for $DOBBY coin friends!